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Build Generic Team from Enterprise

In some organizations the project managers do not build the team on their schedules, instead leaving this function to resource managers or the PMO.

Recently, I came across an implementation where the enterprise project templates were populated with all of the generic resources. This was done because the project managers did not have the rights to use the Build Team from Enterprise functionality.

As you can imagine, the Resource Sheet and Resource Usage views were difficult to use as they were full of unused generic resources.

A better solution in this situation is to give the project managers the rights to use the Build Team from Enterprise functionality, but only for the generic resources.

Imagine your group is called Project Creators and it already has at least the following global permissions:

Create a new category with the following details:

Modify the Project Creators group:

Now the users in the Project Creators group will be able to Build Team from Enterprise, but the list of available resources will be limited to Generic Resources.

Build Team from Enterprise -- limited to generic resources

* Note that even though all projects are in this new "Generic Resources" category, users will not gain rights to view or open additional projects as the category permissions do not include permissions such as “Open Project” or “View Project Details in Project Center”.

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