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Cannot Save Schedule to Project Server

A while back I was sitting in on a client training session when a bit of a puzzler presented itself. The class had been touring around PWA and had just created their first schedules in Microsoft Project 2007. Now everyone had successfully connected to Project Server 2007 from Project Professional 2007, but only half of the class was able to save to the server.

For half of the class, selecting Save from the File menu resulted in the "Save As" common dialog for files.

The Save As window appears

We double-checked that the client was connected to the server properly and we confirmed that the users had the appropriate rights. Then the trainer remembered a setting on the Save tab of the Options dialog window. The half that did not work had the setting "Save Microsoft Office Project Files as:" set to "Microsoft Project 2000 - 2003 (*.mpp)".

When we changed the value to "Project (*.mpp)", they could save to Project Server 2007.


Posted by Gord Schmidt on Thursday, January 22, 2009 | Permalink | Resolve