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A Glossary of Project Server Terms


The Decision Support Objects (DSO) component of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services is required to be installed on the Project Server and the View Processing machine(s) in order to use the Portfolio Analyzer in Project Server.


The Project Data Service (PDS) is an XML-based API for Project Server. Client applications and extension components use the PDS to programmatically log on to Project Server and use SOAP to call PDS methods. The PDS enables the development of new applications, and the integration of other applications.

Project Professional

Microsoft Project Professional provides a desktop client that allows project managers to create and edit project plans and enterprise resources. Project plans and resources can be saved to the Microsoft Project Server database. (This application use to be known as Microsoft Project before the marketing people at Microsoft got their hands on it.)

Project Server

Microsoft Project Server provides timesheets, status reports, portfolio analysis and modeling, enterprise resources, an enterprise global template, and enterprise templates.


Microsoft Project Web Access (PWA) is a browser-based client that allows team members, resource managers, and executives to enter and view timesheet information and view portfolio reports.


The Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) is the reserved Enterprise Resource Outline Code 30 that is used for Resource Management. It can be used to represent hierarchical structures and groupings of resources (be they logical or physical).


A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a hierarchical structure that splits a project down to smaller tasks and activities.

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